Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To facilitate the students of Andhra Pradesh, National Network of Education (NNE) has compiled this easy-to-follow section containing the Exam Schedules of the Intermediate and SSC Examinations.

Intermediate General First Year Examination March 2010 Timetable
Intermediate Vocational First Year Examination March 2010 Timetable
Intermediate General Second Year Examination March 2010 Timetable
Intermediate Vocational Second Year Examination March 2010 Timetable

SSC Examination 2010 Timetable

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University of Allahabad Examination Results 2010
TIMETABLES AVAILABLE - B.A. Part I, II, III, B.Sc. Part I, II, III, B.Com. Part I, II, III, B.Sc. Home Science Part I, II, III, B.Sc. Appl. Sc. Part I, II, III
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University of Kota Examination Results 2009
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Model Questions Bank 2009 Paper

1. India test-fired Agni III on
A) May 15, 2008
B) May 17, 2008
C) May 20, 2008
D) May 7, 2008

2. Which one of the following countries is not included in the elite club which India joined after its successful test firing of Agni III
A) Russia
B) U.S.A.
C) U.K.
D) France

3. M. Natrajan is
A) Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister
B) Chief Controller and Programme Director of Agni Missile System
C) Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister
D) None of the above

4. Currently which one of the following organizations is celebrating its golden jubilee (year) ?

5. India and Malaysia held their joint naval exercise at
A) Andman island
B) Nicobar island
C) Lumut
D) Kualalampur

6. SERB stands for—
A) Social Enlightenment and Research Board
B) Scientific And Engineering Research Board
C) Scientists’ and Engineers’ Research Board
D) Science and Engineering Research Board

7. CEP (Circular Error Probability) is associated with
A) Prithvi II
B) Chandryan I
C) Narco Analysis test conducted on Aarushis’ alleged murderer
D) The finalization of Indo-US Nuclear deal

8. The country which recently announced to have its own version of Star Wars
A) France
B) Japan
C) China
D) North Korea

9. The Indian state which, in May 2008, launched Food Security Scheme
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Chhattisgarh
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Jammu & Kashmir

10. The most coveted award at the 61st Cannes Film Festival was received by
A) ‘Hunger’
B) Line of Passage
C) ‘The Class’
D) Three Monkeys

11. The Winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest is
A) Ravi Kumar
B) Sameer Mishra
C) Kuljit Singh
D) None of these

12. ‘Travelling Through Conflict’ is a book written by
A) Hamid Ansari
B) Cherie Blair
C) Balraj Krishna
D) Salman Rushdie

13. According to the Global Peace Index released in May 2008, the most peaceful country on the earth is
A) New Zealand
B) Norway
C) Denmark
D) Iceland

14. Which of the following was recently granted Navratna status to ?
D) All the above

15. In terms of billionnaire population. Mumbai ranks…… at world level ?
A) Sixth
B) Fifth
C) Fourth
D) Seventh

16. According to a report, the number of Indians who have a problem of loud snoring during sleep is
A) 35 million
B) 36 million
C) 40 million
D) 45 million

17. The government has planned to establish ………… universities of global standards across the country ?
A) 10
B) 14
C) 20
D) 16

18. The government has increased Minimum Support Price of
A) Wheat
B) Paddy
C) Cane
D) None of these

19. India recently refused to accept the offer of funds/loans from World Bank for
A) Disaster management
B) North-East projects
C) Tiger protection
D) None of the above

20. Yves Saint Laurent recently died. He was a
A) U.S.A. film director
B) First man to go to Mars mission
C) Renowned fashion designer
D) An internationally renowned financial expert

1. (D) 2. (C) 3. (A) 4. (C) 5. (C) 6. (D) 7. (A) 8. (B) 9. (B) 10. (C) 11. (B) 12. (A) 13. (D) 14. (D) 15. (D) 16. (B) 17. (D) 18. (B) 19. (C) 20 (C)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

ONGC Recruits Assistant Technicians (A-II Level)-Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Jobs vacancy 2009
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.(ONGC) invites application for the post of Assistant Technicians A-II Level. Interested candidates can apply online on the company website.Last date of applying online is 15-10-2009.
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Graduate Trainee Position
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC) are currently invites application from all young Indians for the post of Graduate Trainee. This is a great opportunity for all fresh Engineers to get the job in one of the prestigious government of India enterprise.
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

SBI clerical Staff recruitment
General Awareness sample Question Paper 2008

1.Who amongst the following is the Head of the RBI at present?
1) Mr. K V. Kamath
2) Dr. Y.V. Reddy
3) Mr. Y.R. Narayanamurthy
4) Mr. O.P. Bhatt
5) None of these

2.India has different categories of Commercial banks. Which of the following is not
one such category?

1) Private Banks
2) Commodity Banks
3) Nationalised Banks
4) Co-operative Banks
5) Foreign Banks

3.The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently imposed a restriction
on money flow in equity through P-Notes. What is the full form of P-Notes ?

1) Permanent Notes
2) Purchase Notes
3) Participatory Notes
4) Private Notes
5) None of these

4.Who amongst the following was the Captain of the Indian cricket team which won the
Twenty20 World Cup2007 ?

1) Yuvraj Singh
2) M.S. Dhoni
3) Rahul Dravid
4) Sourav Ganguly
5) None of these

5.The money which Government of India spends on the development of infrastructure in
country comes from which of the following sources? [pick. up the correct

A) Loan from World Bank/ ADB, etc.
B) Taxes collected from the people.
C) Loan from the RBI.
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only C
4) Both A & B
5) All A, B & C

6.Which of the following organisations / agencies has established a fund known as
Investor Protection Fund ?

3) Bombay Stock Exchange
4) Ministry,.\of Health
5) None of these

7.Which of the following departments of the Government of India is helping banks in
disbursement of rural credit by the banks?

1) Railways
2) State Road Transports
3) Posts & Telegraph
4) Ministry of Health
5) None of these

8.Which of the following types of banks are allowed to operate foreign currency
accounts ?

A) Foreign Banks
B) Regional Rural Banks
C) Nationalised Banks
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only C
4) All A, B & C
5) None of these

9.Majority of rural people still prefer to go to which of the following for their
credit needs?

1) Money lenders
2) Foreign banks
4) RBI
5) All of these

10.Which of the following countries does not play international cricket?
1) Russia
2) England
3) South Africa
4) Pakistan
5) India

11.Which of the following countries in the world is the biggest consumer of gold?
1) USA
2) Bangladesh
3) Russia
4) India
5) None of these

12.Many times we read in financial newspapers about FII . What is the full form of

1) Final Investment in India
2) Foreign Investment in India
3) Formal Investment in India
4) Fair Institutional Investment
5) Foreign Institutional Investment

13.The financial markets of which of the following countries were badly affected by
sub prime crisis ?

1) Russia
2) Brazil
3) UK
4) USA
5) None of these

14.One of the former Prime Ministers of which of the following countries was detained
in house arrest for a short period after his/her return from a long exile?

1) Germany
2) France
3) Pakistan
4) Brazil
5) None of these

15.Which of the following countries is facing problem of strike by the workers of the
transport, electricity and gas companies as the present Government of the country
has decided to end the pension to these workers?

1) USA
2) France
3) China
4) Nepal
5) None of these

16.Benazir Bhutto is associated with which of the following political parties?
1) Muslim League
2) Pakistan Peoples Party
3) Pakistan National Congress
4) Islamic Movement of Pakistan
5) None of these

17.Who amongst the following is the Secretary-General of UNO?
1) Al Gore
2) Shashi Tharoor
3) Gordon Brown
4) Hugo Chavez
5) None of these

18.Manmohan Singh called George Bush to explain the difficulties he is having in
implementing agreements related with which of the following with USA?

l}Supply of Sugar
2) Civilian Nuclear Cooperation
3) Purchase Fighter Planes
4) Purchase of Gas/Petroleum
5) None of these

19.Which of the following countries recently decided to launch a military action in
Northern Iraq where many Kurdish PKK fighters are based and they are killing
people from that country ?

1) India
2) Afghanistan
3) Pakistan
4) Bangladesh
5) Turkey

20.The Orange Coalition Government was formed once again in which of the following

1) Russia
2) Ukraine
3) France
4) Germany
5) None of these

21.As reported in papers the UN World Food Programmes stopped distributing food in
Mogadishu town after its local head was abducted by the government soldiers of the
country. Mogadishu is the capital town of

1) Tanzania
2) Turkey
3) Cuba
4) Libya
5) Somalia

22.Who amongst the following leaders from USA visited Israel and Palestinian West
Bank so that a solution to the Israel and Palestinian problem can be worked out?

1) George Bush
2) Al Gore
3) Bill Clinton
4) Condoleezza Rice
5) None of these

23.Which of the following countries is not elected by the UN General Assembly on the
non-permanent seats of the UN Security Council w.e.f. January 2008 ?

1) Libya
2) Vietnam
3) Croatia
4) Costa Rica
5) Pakistan

24.Which of the following countries is not happy with the USA s � decision to award a
Congressional Medal to Dalai Lama of Tibet?

1) India
2) Pakistan
3) Nepal
4) Myanmar
5) China

25.Justine Henin won the Womens Singles US Open Tennis Championship 2007 after

1) Svetlana Kuznetsova
2) Sania Mirza
3) Dinara Safina
4) Mathalie Dechy
5) None of these

26.India won the ONGC Nehru Cup Football Tournament 2007 by beating
1) Syria
2) Pakistan
3) Britain
4) France
5) None of these

27.Who amongst the following is selected for Basava Award (2006-07) by the Karnataka

1) Manmohan Singh
2) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
3) Sonia Gandhi
4) Pratibha Patil
5) None of these

28.Shinzo Abe who was on a visit to India in recent past is the
1) Prime Minister of South Korea
2) Prime Minister of North Korea
3) Prime Minister of Japan
4) President of South Korea
5) None of these

29.Abdullah Guls name was in news recently as he has taken over as the President of
1) Turkey
2) Sudan
3) Afghanistan
4) Pakistan
5) None of these

30.Hem Dutta who was honoured with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana
Award 2007 is a famous

1) author
2) social activist
3) player
4) film producer
5) scientist

31.Asafa Powell who created a new world record in 100 metres race is a citizen of
1) Jamaica
2) South Africa
3) India
4) USA
5) South Korea

32.The World Athletics Championship 2007 was organised in
1) Beijing
2) New Delhi
3) Osaka
4) Dhaka
5) London

33.Who amongst the following got third position in long jump event of the Bayer
International Athletics Meet held in Germany in 2007 ?

1) Shiny Wilson
2) Anju Bobby George
3) Neha Sanwal
4) Prajakta Sawant
5) None of these

34.As per the recent agreement between India and one other country the Indian Rupee
can be easily swapped with

1) Taka
2) Riel
3) Kyat
4) Yen
5) Rubble

35.The Government of India put a ban on export of which of the following commodities
at the price below the price of the same in domestic market?

1) Steel
2) Chemical Fertiliser
3) Pharma products
4) Electronic goods
5) None of these

36.India s Foreign Exchange Reserves declined sharply in recent past. What was the
main reason for the same?

1) Heavy demand of the same by foreign tourists
2) Import of wheat from Pakistan & South Korea
3) Appreciation of Rupee Value
4) Instability in coalition government in Centre
5) None of these

37.Which of the following is a public sector unit ?
1) TCS
2) ICICI Bank
5) All of these

38.Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Meet was organised in September 2007 in
1) New Delhi
2) Beijing
3) Tokyo
4) London
5) Sydney

39.Who amongst the following was the Captain of the Indian hockey team who won Asia
Cup 2007 held in Chennai ?

1) Baichung Bhutia
2) Dilip Tirkey
3) Pankaj Advani
4) Manavjit Singh Sandhu
5) None of these

40.India launched which of the following satellites in September 2007?
5) None of these

1. (2) 2. (2)
3. (3) 4. (2)
5. (5) 6. (1) 7. (5) 8. (3) 9. (1) 10. (1) 11. (4) 12. (5) 13. (3) 14. (3) 15. (2)
16. (2) 17. (5) 18. (2) 19. (5) 20. (2) 21. (5) 22. (4) 23. (5) 24. (5) 25. (1)
26. (1) 27. (2) 28. (3) 29. (1) 30. (2) 31. (1) 32. (3) 33. (2) 34. (5) 35. (1)
36. (3) 37. (4) 38. (5) 39. (5) 40. (4)